Taking a look at your Jumo top stories is not always the most uplifting of experiences. There are stories of families scraping to get by, people in need of vaccinations or access to education, women struggling for their basic rights—there is no shortage of challenges across our world.



Autocutsel tracks changes in the server’s cutbuffer and CLIPBOARD selection. When the CLIPBOARD is changed, it updates the cutbuffer. When the cutbuffer is changed, it owns the CLIPBOARD selection.

Pretty much essential if you want to fix the fractured state of copy and paste under Linux.


The Big Picture: Christchurch earthquake
Two men celebrate after being pulled out from a destroyed building in Christchurch Wednesday 24 hours after the earthquake. (REUTERS/Christchurch Press/John Kirk-Anderson)


The Big Picture: Christchurch earthquake

Two men celebrate after being pulled out from a destroyed building in Christchurch Wednesday 24 hours after the earthquake. (REUTERS/Christchurch Press/John Kirk-Anderson)


When I set out to build Sifter, I had a singular vision. Make a bug and issue tracker that non-technical team members would actively use. However, once it was out in the wild, things weren’t so clear. I failed to stay focused. I let myself get distracted by finances, logistics, uptime and support.


I’ve been having somewhat of an existential crisis of late. I’ve been a speaker at multiple journalism conferences a year for more than a decade running now and I have started to wonder at the value of all that talking. Not that I feel all those sessions weren’t valuable — they were — but were…

Every incentive should have a counter-incentive to restrict gaming of the first incentive.
Marc Andreeson on fixing human mistakes made by entrepreneurs in Coles Notes version by Nivi? at Venture Hacks.  Brilliant gems here. (via inevitable)


Here are some conversation starters for this weekend, curated by me from around the web.

Obama’s Flunking Economy: The Real Cause,” by Ezra Klein.
What happened to the promise of Barack Obama’s presidency? Ezra Klein investigates.
New York Review of Books.
Nov. 24, 2011.

The End of Cheap…



OK, so if you didn’t quite buy the doomsday predictions that were so prevalent last year, Thomas Quinn 03 GD is banking on the idea that this year’s prediction is a whole lot more, um… plausible?

After all, a mere 5,000 years ago the ever-prescient Mayans picked December 21, 2012 as the

Let the Suuns Shine In


By Josh Dixon


Listening to Suuns’ debut album Zeroes QC, it’s impossible not to allow yourself to be transported to another musical realm. Quite simply, this album is a collection of instrumental jams, grimy rock n roll, and amazing lyrical composition. It is something I haven’t heard before. The first track of the album “Armed for Peace” was described by CBC Radio 3 as “a robot dying in the desert.” Make of that what you will, but after listening to the song on repeat for weeks, I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

The band hails from Montreal and has been active for just over two years now. In those two years, however, they’ve made quite an impact. Before they took off on a European tour, I was lucky enough to sit down with the band during their recent stop in Halifax for the Halifax Pop Explosion. When I asked why they began making music, they answered that this is just something that all four members have always been involved in and always had a passion for. When their paths crossed it, just made sense. As the interview progressed, no matter what question I asked or what answer I was given, this was the common thing. It just is what it is, and it makes sense. As vague as that is, when asking the band about how this breakthrough year has affected them, and how they have adjusted to a larger sense of “fame” I was simply told it all appears bigger on the outside than it is on the inside. It has no doubt been a whirlwind year for the band, bouncing from tour to tour, yet they maintain a “just go with it” outlook. 

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Votizen CEO David Binetti’s latest op-ed in TechCrunch (link above) on recent developments in the SOPA legislation and the Internet blackout protests of January 18, 2012.